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[8 self-paced micro-videos]

For women, LGBTQ+ and allied disruptors, entrepreneurs, coaches and small businesses who are ready to maximize visibility and show up authentically on LinkedIn. 

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Learn to feel safe and confident in showing up exactly as you are on LinkedIn.

Easily attract customers, clients and more with authentic and human first marketing. 


[One time fee of $99]

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LinkedIn is for LGBTQ+ Folks

There is space for your authentic self on this platform

You have full permission to break the corporate stigma around LinkedIn and show up in the space exactly as you are. It’s time to break the stigma around who does and does not “belong” on LinkedIn. 


There are opportunities just waiting for you to reach out and take them. Come with me on this journey of learning to be our full and authentic selves on the platform and easily magnetize your ideal customers.

"Working with Heidi has been a phenomenal experience. We knew what we wanted, but were not sure how to get there. When we moved to a new location and worked on re-branding,  we wanted to send a stronger message of inclusivity to our clients."

- KK, Small Business Owner

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In this self paced course, we will learn: 


Why you should be on LinkedIn as an LGBTQ+ business owner, entrepreneur, etc.


What content to post that is both true to our brand AND will speak to our ideal audience 


How to easily attract your ideal clients, partnerships and through authentic, human first marketing


How to utilize LinkedIn to advertise and promote our business and services 


How other LGBTQ+ folks are using the platform to its fullest extent and how you can too

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and I don't exactly play by all of the rules...(yes, that's my tattoo up top).

​I've always been a disruptor, a rebel, a hustler, an ally and co-conspirator in the workplace. And sometimes, that's not the way we are "expected" to act in "corporate America".

Welcome to the world of Culturescape!


Here, we take bold action, relentlessly champion authenticity and embrace the discomfort that comes with real change…all while drinking tons of coffee and jamming to ‘80’s music (maybe that last part is just me!).


I love connecting with humans who want to step out and live their truth in otherwise viewed "corporate spaces".


I believe in creating inclusive workplaces and genuine relationships with people.  It's so important that people feel heard, seen and empowered to show their true selves, their true identities.

That is why I created this course, to help you use authentic your voice to boost your personal and business brand on LinkedIn. Because...Representation Matters!

Hey! I'm Heidi...
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"Heidi has made significant and impactful changes in my career. Heidi creates a safe, holistic and inclusive environment where we can look at our biases without judgement."

- SC, Corporate Executive

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

How do I know if this course is for me? 

Young Woman with Short Hair

You’re ready to feel confident about sharing your LGBTQ+ centric personality, brand or business across all social platforms 

Young Woman's Portrait

You need help assessing what parts of your life, business, etc. feels good to share and what you want to keep just for yourself

Smiling Girl

You want to grow your platform and widen your reach to a larger audience 

Smiling Model

You are ready to break the stigma that LinkedIn is only for corporate professionals 

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