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Stonewall Celebration
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Diversity Students
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There's no job title requirement for inclusive leaders. Inclusivity starts with building bridges and I want to help you build yours! 


The Bridging Belonging Community is for well-intentioned individuals who are looking for candid and safe ongoing support from like-minded humans. 

If you've ever felt like you want to champion inclusivity in your own business or corporation but aren't sure where to start, what questions to ask, and who to ask them, this is the community for you.


Bridging Belonging Communities are:

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Intentionally close knit and limited in spots in an effort to foster safety and community.


Spaces for intentional humans to learn to show up in life, work, and community and do better.


For conversations that don't feel appropriate or perhaps safe to bring up at work.


Judgement and fear-free zones, where you are free to share and discuss without the worry of losing your job or facing repercussions from colleagues.

Join me in this group of incredible change-making humans for conversations that will make a REAL difference. 

[Meetings typically occur 2nd Tuesday of the month | 7PM CST]

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