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Building Belonging

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I see you & am with you...

Join the Building Belonging Community!

DEIB & HR [Solopreneur] Consultants and Coaches working with corporate clients …

I see you & am with you...


...on the assumption people have that we can/will do this work for free...just to "pick our brain"

...on the struggle to get people to take the right steps forward for change

...on the frustration of how long it takes for those people to make that step forward

...on the emotional tax that we hold in educating others on our identity and the importance of change for their employees

...on the intersectionality that we hold and try to educate others on

...on the gaslighting from employers only to see performative actions taken later

...on the feeling of burnout

...on the feeling of putting others needs before your own, because we care so deeply about change

I see you changemakers, which is why I've created Building Belonging - Coaches Collab so that WE can have a safe space to share resource and referrals, network and lean on each other for community and support. 

This is NOT a space for Coaches/Consultants who are not established in their practice only looking to gain from others. This is a space to share AND gain resources.


If you are more competitive than collaborative - this isn't the community for you.

This is NOT for corporate HR and/or DEI Managers.

Join us for:

Monthly 60-minute meeting via Zoom & access to Building Belonging online platform to continue the conversation and sharing during off-time.

*Meetings are held at 12N CST on the first Wed. of every month.

Share community with other changemakers, innovators and doers who are ready to share resources, tips, tricks and secrets to us all being successful.

Gain access to super private online Building Belonging platform to continue sharing and networking outside of our monthly call(s). 

Vent frustrations and challenges you are facing with your clients in a safe space and lean on supportive community to get you through it.

Designers Looking at the Computer

Join me in this group of incredible change-making humans for conversations that will make a REAL difference. 

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