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Bridging Belonging

For well-intentioned organizations focused

on making inclusion and belonging a priority

in their workplaces!

Confidential, Thought Partnership, Community Building

 & Planning for DEI Councils & Employee Resource Groups. 

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"This is such a brilliant idea.

What you teach is exactly what I need right now." - Client/Small Business Owner

There's no job title requirement for inclusive leaders.


Whether you're a small business leader or non-profit,

head of an employee resource group and/or DEIB Council

Or simply have a community organization you want to improve,


YOU have the power to make all the difference.


Join me in a space all your own to learn to build more

inclusive and safe space for those around you.  

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"[Heidi] does this work in a way that makes people feel good about working in this area. Not judged. Not separated, but brought together. With Heidi’s education, support and advice, our organization is a better place to work, is seeing increased retention and working towards increasing the diversity of our team even more. She is making a real difference here and in other organizations" - CEO, Non-profit

Colorful Friends


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  • Dedicated guidance and support in a safe and contained space for your organization. 

  • Monthly 60 minute open discussion calls via Zoom. 

  • Discussion prompts and action items to help make the impact you are looking for.

  • Resources that you can take back and implement/share  to help other leaders in your circle become more accountable.

  • Polls, community events, forums, etc. with me as your Moderator.

  • Collaboration and partnership!


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Meet Your Coach

Heidi Duss is a Human Resources Leader who has built her career and expertise in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion, organizational culture, and recruitment and talent management. She has worked with organizations of all sizes, from startups to Fortune Global 500 companies in recruitment, insurance, finance, technology, and marketing.


As the Founder and Chief Consultant of Culturescape Consulting, Heidi provides thought leadership, strategic planning and creative solutions to her clients that help foster more equitable and inclusive workplaces. She is a Course Facilitator for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Certification courses at Cornell University.


Heidi received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, along with a Certification in Human Resource Management. She also completed Deep Diversity Institute and Facilitator Lab, and holds additional certifications in Leadership and Diversity Recruitment.


Heidi serves as President of the Board of Directors for OPEN – Out Professional Engagement Network and is actively involved in her community. In 2019, she was awarded Advocate of the Year by the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber and was one of Brava Magazine's 2020 Women to Watch.


Heidi is a true believer that we should all be able bring our best and authentic selves to a workplace that champions safe spaces for all identities.

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What does working with Heidi look like? 

You are in the driver seat. Ultimately, it is up to you how far this learning takes you. I will be there for you to coach and advise you and to provide learning opportunities and action steps. 


Open discussion sessions will be a place where you can ask all your questions, think through your ideas, and make plans before putting them into action.  The group will be a safe space to learn from others and share ideas!

If you’re ready to dive in and a build a better belonging, join us and let's get started creating impact! 


Heidi has been instrumental to helping us with our DEI goals. She leads with empathy and awareness and has enlightened us on how to do that as well. She understands where we are at with our journey and meets us there.


The 1:1 conversations have been in a safe space and very well received. The work has been hard and uncomfortable at times, but she prepared us for that and we understand that this shows that we are growing together. We are grateful for her work and encourage others to embark on their own journey of growth! 


I’ve had the privilege of working one on one with Heidi Duss for the past several years. Heidi has made significant and impactful changes in my career. Not only is she able to examine biases without judgement she enables organization and individuals to have honest conversations on difficult topics.


Heidi creates a safe, holistic and inclusive environment where we can look at our biases without judgement.


Working with Heidi has been a phenomenal experience. We knew what we wanted, but were not sure how to get there. When we moved to a new location and worked on re-branding,  we wanted to send a stronger message of inclusivity to our clients, and increase diversity in our staffing. Heidi helped to cultivate the language and opportunity to create a space in Mala Yoga Center that levels the playing field for the disadvantaged, and holds safe space so that people of all identities may show up as their authentic selves. We always wanted to be inclusive, but with the guidance of Heidi, we are truly using our platform to be that space! 


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